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Academy News Ayurveda English বাংলা

After 2 years suffering cured by Ayurveda treatment

I would like to present you with the following letter from a lady client who has suffered from excessive bleeding for two years. She visited many specialists who could not …

Academy News Ayurveda English

How Bhaktin Lolita Mataji recovered from COVID-19

Today i will introduce you with Bhaktin Lolita mataji who recently suffered from COVID-19 and also will know how she got recovered from it by the help of Laxmi Nrsimha …

Academy News English

Meet the owner of Laxmi Nrsimha Academy

Koladwip Das & Nityalila Devi Dasi and find out about their secrets to a healthy & happy life. Their passion for Ayurveda, Yoga, Astrology, Palmistry, Healthy Vegetarian Cooking are inspiring for …